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FUN FACT: I'm what's called a "Hybrid Photographer." (Which I love doing and is pretty unique in the industry.) What this means is that I am both your photographer and videographer at the same time. This allows for a smaller team, more consistent style, less leg work for you and saves you a ton of money. Curious? Reach out and ask me more!

Hey friend! I'm glad you're here because it means you're smart! Learning about your photographer is so crucial. It's an important investment and hitting it off with him/her means you'll be more relaxed and confident on your wedding day.


Let's be honest, you'll have your choice of some pretty unbelievable photographers that are creative, organized and fun!  You'll find that most of us share an affinity for travel, coffee and our dogs! But what really makes your choice easy is the vibe you get from the person you're hiring. 

About me:

First and foremost I want to be a good human being and be a source of positivity.

I'm a little awkward sometimes, but love awkward people!

I'm actually an introvert, even though my mom would disagree.

I work hard and love it.

I tear-up at almost every wedding I shoot (not lying even a little).

I try to find joy in the little things.

I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, kayaking and love incorporating adventure into photoshoots when I can!

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